Friends of Tarra-Bulga National Park are volunteers that perform a diverse array of activities to support this wonderful place. New members always welcome.

2023 Invertebrate Survey (Bugblitz) Report

It took a couple of weeks for all of the observations to get added to iNaturalist but overall we recorded at least 180 species of Arthropods, on the same activity last year we recorded 158 species (we had our light sheet in the Tarra Valley). As a result of our efforts we increased the number of Arthropod species recorded in the Park on iNaturalist from 745 to 776 (so we added 21 new species to the list).

Mid Winter Walk Report

Here are some images from our first ever Mid Winter Walk, where we focused on learning more about ferns, mosses. liverworts and Lichens.

Eusthenia venosa (Stonefly)

2022 Bioblitz Report

Volunteers spent the day and night On Saturday February 5th using a range of techniques to see what living things could be found. From the day a whopping 428 observations were added to the Tarra-Bulga National Park project on the citizen science website

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