The Friends of Tarra-Bulga National Park inc formed in 1994 in response to a specific but very important concern. During 1993 and 1994 many park visitors found to their dismay that the newly-built Visitor Centre was often closed on weekends. “The Friends” were formed to ensure that the Centre was open during peak visitor periods.

Tree Planting Site
Planting Activity along Diaper Track

Twenty years later, staffing and maintaining the Visitor Centre is still one of the group’s main activities, but we also do plenty more including

  • Fauna and flora monitoring  e.g. Lyrebird Surveys.
  • Working Bees to plant trees or remove weeds.
  • Guided walks.
  • Guest speakers.

Please consider joining our group and becoming a friend of the park.       

Contact us via email: friendsoftarrabulga@gmail.com or phone our President, David Akers: 0488 035 314, or  Ranger, Craig Campbell: 5172 2508 

You can also see whats happening via our Facebook Page www.facebook.com/tarrabulga    or follow us on Twitter  @TarraBulgaNP


Tarra-Bulga National Park is located in Gippsland’s Strzelecki Ranges and is a remnant of the great forests that once covered this part of Victoria. It is around a 30 minute drive from either the Latrobe Valley from the north or from Yarram in the South.


  1. I have stumbled upon a couple of plant identification articles in this site purely by accident. They are very well written and illustrated. However, for someone who is trying to identify a plant, the information here is not readily accessible. Is it possible to have a list of local plants (names with or without thumbnails) linked to any relevant information about them? Sometimes one doesn’t have a name in mind and so using the Search function on this site is not possible. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    1. Thank You for the feedback, glad that you are finding the site useful.

      A list like you suggest with hyperlinks is something that we have been looking at, We do have a general species list as a pdf so compiling the local plant list would be no problem. Linking to all the correct spots in the relevant posts might be more of a challenge. Also is a bit difficult to have things nicely formatted given our theme doesn’t allow columns. Time permitting we will aim to have a go at improving our navigation in the near future.

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