Walking Tracks

Walking Tracks

Tarra-Bulga National Park, situated at the eastern end of the Grand Ridge Road, offers visitors several short walks through rainforest gullies and Mountain Ash forest. In addition there are some longer walks for more experienced walkers looking for a greater challenge.

Short tracks are well maintained are suitable for anyone to walk.  Hiking tracks are not regularly maintained, and may in places be quite wet and muddy. Hikers should be well prepared before they begin their walk.

Short Tracks

Corrigan Suspension Bridge – 1.2 km, 25 mins one way

Walk to the impressive Corrigan’s suspension bridge, which stretches through the rainforest canopy, affording spectacular views of the lush fern gully on the forest floor below. Follow the signs from the visitor centre carpark via Lyrebird, Ash and Wills Tracks.

Return via the same route.

Corrigans Suspension Bridge – Tarra-Bulga National Park

Lyrebird Ridge Track – 2.4km, 45 mins return

Commencing at the Visitor Information Centre, this track leads through regenerating and mature Mountain Ash forests. Rest on the seats provided and listen to the sounds of the forest

Additional notes available for this walk – Lyrebird Track (pdf 2,993kb)

Forest Track – 4.4km, 1.5 hours return

Starting at the end of the Lyrebird Ridge Track, this longer walk completes a circuit back to the Visitor Centre via part of the Old Yarram-Balook Road. This track winds its way through Mountain Ash forest, a rainforest gully and an unusual thicket of Hazel Pomaderris. This track contains some steeper sections, is unsurfaced and is recommended for the more serious walker.

Rainforest section along Forest Tk

Ash Track – 680m, 12 mins one way

Branching off the Lyrebird Ridge Track, this track leads through regenerating Mountain Ash forest to the beginning of the Fern Gully Nature Walk. Look for the remnants of the logging that occurred here in the early 1900’s and the Eucalypts now growing to replace them.

Fern Gully Nature Walk – 720m, 15mins return

The Fern Gully Nature Walk begins where the Ash Track meets the Wills Track and provides an excellent introduction to the plants and wildlife of the Mountain Ash Forests and Cool Temperate Rainforests of the Strzelecki Ranges. A leaflet is available at the start of the track to explain the features seen on the way.

Additional notes available for this walk – Fern Gully Track (pdf 687kb)

Scenic Track – 1km, 20 mins one way

This walk takes you through tall Mountain Ash forest and patches of Cool Temperate Rainforest. It commences at the Corrigan’s suspension bridge and finishes at the Bulga picnic area.

Tarra Valley Rainforest Walk – 1.4km, 35 min return

Meander through a rainforest gully and across trickling mountain streams to Cyathea Falls. The Ancient Myrtle Beech along the trail creates a protective canopy above a delicate understorey of tree ferns, lichens and moss.

 Tarra Valley Entrance

Entrance to Tarra Valley walk.
Cyathea Falls - Tarra Bulga National Park

Long Tracks

Open Long Walks Map pdf file

Wild Cherry Track

Start from the visitor centre at Balook. A short walk down the Bulga Park Road will take you to the Old Yarram-Balook Road. This road leads past the Balook School Camp and on to an intersection known as five-ways, from there follow the signs onto the Wild Cherry Track. The track is named after the native cherry trees that grow along here (Exocarpos cupressiformis), which have a Cypress tree appearance. The track has sections of muddy areas and two fairly easy creek crossings along the way. The first creek crossing is a good place to stop for lunch. Parts of the track are very steep so take care and wear appropriate footwear. Gardiners Track is no longer accessible so walkers need to either return back via Wild Cherry Track or continue on along the Macks Creek Loop of the Grand Strzelecki Track. Be warned that the track is very steep in sections and the return journey is uphill.

Wild Cherry trees along the Wild Cherry Track

Wild Cherry trees along the Wild Cherry Track

Goomballa-Drysdale Track – 12.3km, 4-5 hours

(circuit walk including Grand Ridge Road)

Beginning from the Visitor Centre, commence walking on Drysdale Road turning left at any major intersections. The track has a few steep areas and may be wet in winter months. There are no signs on this track so take care and follow the map. An interesting thing to look for on this track is the site of the Drysdales homestead which was known as Morningside. It can be found towards the eastern end of the track and is distinguished by a row of Douglas Fir trees. The family lived here from the late 1800’s until the 1920’s.

Note: Apart from a short section, this track is not part of the Park, and is forestry land. Please take care of any forest operations that may be taking place in the area.

Forest Track – 4.3km, 1.5 hours

(Circuit walk including Lyrebird Ridge Track and Old yarram-Balook Road)

Starting at the end of the Lyrebird Ridge Track, the newest track in the Park is a round trip starting and finishing at the Visitor Centre. It winds its way through a variety of interesting forest including very attractive ferny rainforest in the gully and an unusual thicket of Hazel Pomaderris.

Balm Mint Bush (Prostanthera melissifolia)
Balm Mint Bush (Prostanthera melissifolia) is common along the Forest Track.

Diaper Track – 8.2km, 2.5 – 3 hours

(Bulga to Tarra Valley link walk, including part of Old Yarram-Balook Road)

Starting from the Visitors Centre, Diaper Track leads to the Tarra Valley Picnic Area. Return the same way or shuttle a vehicle to the Tarra Valley Picnic Area. Diaper Track meets the Tarra Valley Road between Tarra Falls and the picnic area. The track can be quite wet and muddy so take care after rain and watch out for branches across the track. Diapers Track is particularly well known for leeches which are quite harmless but can be easily removed by sprinkling with salt. A feature of this walk is the small waterfall, found towards Tarra Valley, which falls beside the track and cascades over it.

Cascading water along Diapers Tk - Tarra Bulga National Park
Cascading water along Diapers Tk – Tarra Bulga National Park











Mountain Hickory Track – 5.9km, 2 hours

(Circuit walk including part of Goomballa Road and Grand Ridge Road)

This shorter, attractive track offers an interesting alternative walk partly in the Park and parly in State Forest. Start from either end on te Grand Ridge Road. There are no signs on this track so take care and follow the map. This track is named after the Mountain Hickory Wattle (uncommon in this park but found here), and attractive broad-leafed wattle which flowers in mid to late spring.

For further Information on walks on the Grand Strzelecki Track which links with many of the walks at Tarra-Bulga follow this link http://www.grandstrzeleckitrack.org.au/

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