Listen to what we heard on our SongMeter!

Male Koala recorded by our new machine. Just went out into the field to collect the first set of recording from our new (replacement) Songmeter automatic recording device. The first file I had a look was from 10.30pm one night and it started of with a very nice Boobook Owl call. A few minutes later this scary monster started up, this is the third location in the park were we have recorded one of these lately.


  1. hehehe, you sure it wasn’t that yeti-like, hairy,and mysterious creature spotted there who featured on the front page of The Express a few years back? ;P lol
    Seriously though, the noise koalas emit seems so unfitting for their cute, teddy bearish features. No wonder early settlers conjured up stories of bunyips and what-not, hearing that growl for the first time at night without knowing what animal was responsible for it would strike terror in the bravest of blokes!
    By the way, do male koalas call only, or do females call too? I have heard them often in the daytime at Morwell National Park and now I am wondering: are they more likely to call at night usually? Also, would these koalas be of the Strzelecki race, or the common South/Eastern/Victorian species? I dearly hope the numbers of Strzelecki koalas is increasing…
    Nice work capturing this unique sound and thank you for sharing it with us 😀

    1. Well, it could have been the Yowie impersonating a Koala. I have heard them Koalas) grunting during the day before but apparently they do it more often at dusk and dawn. Apparently (from Google) the females make more of a high pitched shrieking or squealing sound, mainly if they are wanting to fend of a males advances. I found this Youtube clip of a female calling, can’t say I have ever heard it happen live.

      I assume it would be from the Strzelecki race given the location, but I guess they would have to be tested to know for sure. We are having a Koala expert as a guest speaker in a couple of weeks and will be posting details about it soon.

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