The volunteers


Parks Victoria have made the decision that non-essential volunteer activities are to be cancelled for at least 4 weeks. Tarra-Bulga National Park will still be open for visitors to enjoy, but the Visitors Centre will be closed. Also our weeding activity planned for tomorrow has been cancelled.

The Planting Crew
The Planting Crew

25th Anniversary Celebration

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, the Friends of Tarra-Bulga National Park are planning to hold a special function at the Ship Inn in Yarram, on November the 23rd.  They are hoping that as well as current volunteers getting together, former volunteers will also come along. For details about the upcoming anniversary event or if you would like to join the group and become a volunteer please contact David Akers on 0488 035 314 or email

Invitation to our 25th Anniversary celebration
25th Anniversary Invite

Friends of Tarra Bulga Have a Busy Year

Friends of Tarra Bulga recently held its AGM, where the diverse activities carried out by the group were highlighted. A major activity of the group is to  staff the Parks Visitor’s centre, in the past year 29 Volunteers contributed to opening the centre on Weekends and School and Public Holidays (a total of 182 days).

The volunteers

The Friends also have plenty of hands on activities throughout the year aimed at helping to  learn more about the park and enhance it. This includes walks along some of the more remote tracks, Lyrebird surveys and working bees involving both weed control and tree planting. The group undertakes photo-monitoring of various sites to monitor vegetation change and has a network of remote cameras that are helping to gain a better picture of what is happening with both native and feral animals in the park.  A device that can be left out in the park to record frog, bird and bat calls is a recent acquisition.

31st of August 6.31am
Example of what can be found on the remote cameras.

To let everyone know what is happening in Tarra Bulga and more about its plants animals and fungi they have a Blog which is packed full of photos and information. They are also on Facebook and Twitter and are very keen for the public to share their own Tarra Bulga experience via these sites. You can also find more information about getting involved with the group by contacting the Ranger, Craig Campbell on 5172-2508.

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