Sycamore Maple Revegetation Site

Made the trek out to the re-vegetation site for the first time since the planting was done which was a bit over two months ago.

Fresh New Growth on Mountain Ash Seedling
Fresh New Growth on Mountain Ash Seedling

From looking around the site there was both good and bad news. First the good, there was virtually no sign of any Wallabies managing to get to chew any of the new seedlings, despite the fact I heard one hopping away when I reached the site. There was good fresh new growth on all the seedlings that I found, hopefully when they become more conspicuous as they get taller the wallabies will still find them too difficult to reach. The bad news is that after seeing very, few new seedlings of Sycamore Maple 

Sycamore Maple Seedling
This Sycamore Maple seedling is around 5 or 6 inches high and is one of probably hundreds that have popped up over the site. There was barely any sign of seedlings two months ago when the planting was done.

at the site during the plantings in August there has now been a big change with some areas of the site peppered with seedlings that are up to 6 inches tall.

Stumps that had been cut and poisoned over 2 years ago also have vigorous sprouts re-shooting from their bases.

Sycamore Maple Re-shooting from the base of its stump.
Sycamore Maple Re-shooting from the base of its stump. Regrowth will need to be cut of and poisoned.

There will be a lot of work for the Friends over the next few years to control this weed until its Seedbank has been exhausted.

You can see how vigorous they are with one seedling sprouting from a point several metres up a dead tree (unless the tree itself has re-sprouted).

Sycamore Maple Resprout
It looks here like a Maple seedling has germinated from the trunk of this dead stag, (the other option being that it has resprouted from the tree which seems unlikely given it looks completely dead.

Another thing observed at the site which could be of concern were the presence of some small egg shaped droppings. After consulting my scat book they seem to most resemble those produced by  a species of Deer. (Yes I am fairly certain they are not Wallaby)

Possible Deer Scats
Are you an expert Scatologist, Could these droppings be from a Deer?

If Deer are resident at the site they may pose a threat to the newly planted trees as they grow via trampling and rubbing. They could also potentially have an impact on the surrounding rainforest.

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