Night Life

A few night time visits to the park to get a better idea of the night flying insects that live in Tarra-Bulga have been reaping rewards. Here are just a few highlights of what is flying or crawling about our tall forests. All sightings are being uploaded to our project on where they can hopefully be identified and then placed on the the Atlas of Living Australia and become a permanent record in their searchable online database.


  1. Not only interesting for you at the Park but for me too as I take moth photos here and there and some of yours are the same as the ones I see at Binginwarri. Lucky you having Ken to i.d. them!! 🙂

    1. Yes Kaye it is addictive once you see the diversity that is out there and there are always interesting discoveries to make. Certainly the work that Ken has done locally including but not limited all the photos on Friends of Morwell NPs website, his many contributions to sites like Bowerbird as well as surveys he had done at Tarra-Bulga and other places are great starting points for getting to know the local species.

  2. Indeed, diversity enough to make you cross-eyed at it all! Ken is THE man round here and well appreciated, as are the other people with i.d. skills in these fascinating insect worlds.

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